March Featured Artisan, Goatboy Soaps

March Featured Artisan, Goatboy Soaps LLC

Goatboy Soaps

Lisa Agee began her search for a better soap when her son Bobby was born with severe food allergies. After some research, Lisa found that Bobby could tolerate Goat milk. Bobby became obsessed with “all things goat”! His nickname became Goatboy!

Finding a natural Goat Milk Soap, was a little more difficult. Lisa discovered that not all “natural” soap was, in fact all natural. Many Soap-makers use powdered Goat Milk rather than the real thing. In addition, many use lard and preservatives. Lisa did not want those products in her soap. She set to work making Goat Milk Soap with natural ingredients for her family. She used Fresh Whole Goat Milk (now from her own herd of dairy goats!), Olive Oil for moisture, Coconut Oil for lather and Palm Oil for a hard-long lasting bar. She also adds Shea Butter, which is just unbelievably good for your skin. After perfecting the recipe for her family, she began sharing it with her friends and they began telling their family and friends.
Soon the demand became a steady job, not just a hobby. Lisa’s husband Rick quit his long-time corporate job and joined her at their new full -time business! Rick became Farmer Rick and began raising the best kept goats around. Their goats get the finest care and premium feeds because Lisa and Rick believe that you get out what you put in and they want the richest goat’s milk possible. Of course, Rick bathes the goats with Goatboy Tea Tree Oil soap and he gets many compliments on their beautiful coats.
18 years have gone by and Lisa and Farmer Rick can be seen all over Connecticut with their goats at Farmer’s Markets and Fairs. Here at America The Beautiful Country Store, we carry over 15 of their most popular scents. Stop in and pick out your favorite one (if you can choose just one!). Mention this post and receive a free heart shaped guest soap! Limited quantity so come in soon.


One-of-a-kind gifts and unique décor for your home are a staple at America The Beautiful Country Store. I always stock a large selection of Amish made black iron accessories, braided rugs, candles, soaps, essential oils, and linens.

– Kellee
2 comments on “March Featured Artisan, Goatboy Soaps
  1. Jean says:

    Let me just comment on Goatboy Soap, I met Lisa not long after she opened her business. I’ve been hooked on this soap for close to 18 years! Both Lisa and Rick are two of most kind and honest people I’ve met in a very long time. So take it from a long time friend and customer – try a bar and you’ll be hooked like me and you’ll make wonderful friends as an added bonus!

  2. Kellee Kellee says:

    We couldn’t agree any more Jean! Thanks for sharing and come in for your free heart shaped soap:)

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