Our dining collections have something for everyone.

Kitchen & Dining


Country Classics Collection
Country Tyme Primitives
Forest to Home
Rustic Country Heirlooms
Zimmerman, American
Zimmerman, Old World

Chairs, Stools, Benches

Brage, Chairs
Country Classics, Chairs & Benches
Country Tyme Primitives, Chairs
Forest to Home, Chairs
Rustic Country Heirlooms, Chairs & Benches
Zimmerman American, Chairs
Zimmerman Old World, Chairs


Country Classics Collection, Islands
Country Tyme Primitives, Islands
Forest to Home, Islands
Zimmerman Chair Shop American Heirlooms, Islands


Brage, Hutches
Country Classics Collection, Hutches
Country Tyme Primitives, Hutches
Forest to Home, Hutches
Rustic Country Heirlooms, Hutches
Zimmerman American Heirlooms, Hutches
Zimmerman Old World Heirlooms, Hutches

Sideboards and Servers

Brage, Sideboards
Country Classics Collection, Servers
Country Tyme Primitives, Sideboards
Forest to Home, Servers
Rustic Country Heirlooms
Zimmerman American Heirlooms, Sideboards
Zimmerman Old World, Sideboards

Cabinets and Cupboards

Brage, Cabinets
Country Classics Collection, Cabinets
Country Tyme Primitives, Cabinets
Forest to Home, Bookcases
Rustic Country Heirlooms, Cupboards