Featured Artisan, JK Adams

One of my favorite vendors to visit is JK Adams. I hop in my car, head up Rt 8N to 20N then onto 7N. In less than 3 hours I am surrounded by The Green Mountain National Forest and I take in a big breath of fresh Vermont air. JK Adams is located in the quiet, picturesque town of Dorset, VT. Truth be told, I don’t usually go and pick up our orders. JK Adams is my one exception because they have an amazing retail store in-front of their manufacturing facility. Their retail space is dedicated to the heart of the home. The Kitchen. You can find everything you need to bake the perfect cake, roast and carve your Thanksgiving Day turkey, or to make the morning coffee. I can spend hours here.

Unfortunately, I do need to get down to business so I head to the office to pick up our order.  You can always tell when employees are happy. There is just an overall good vibe. JK Adams was founded in 1944 and many of their employees have been with them for years. They remain committed to producing high-quality kitchen products by hand from North American hardwoods. I could go on and on about the quality and craftsmanship, but I think it would be best to show you the process they go through to deliver products that they back with a 100% guarantee. Check out their video below and then decide for yourself if you need to own one of their exceptionally well made products!

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  1. I have been to their factory and store in VT and it is wonderful. I love their products and have a heart shaped cutting board I bought at your store.

    • New items coming in too from JK Adams! Thanks for commenting:) Winners will be announced on April 30th!!

  2. I love your store and products – always unique and beautiful; best of all they are locally made (well maybe not local but close enough) !!

  3. Great story and beautiful products. Love that their process produces no waste. I’ll be in to check it out!

    • New product coming in every day! Looking forward to seeing you:) Winners announced on April 30th!

    • You are welcome! If you ever get the chance to visit them, it is worth the trip:) If not, we do have a lot of their products in the store and we always look forward to seeing you! Drawing will be on April 30th. Good luck!

    • Beautiful and usable! Can’t wait to see the new products coming in next week:) Drawing will be on April 30th. Good luck!

  4. Awesome video and products, love you store. was there on the weekend.
    have bought several gifts there.

  5. Great video. I don’t know what part I liked the best. Great scenic country, food that makes my mouth water and such dedication from your family. Got to take a trip and see for myself.

    • Karen! Congratulations! you are one of the winners for the Mommy and Me gift set! Please contact the store by May 12th to claim your gift:)

  6. I’ve seen the brand, but was unaware of the company story! I love the lack of waste and will definitely check them out!

    • Stacie, Congratulations! you are one of the winners for the Mommy and Me gift set! Please contact the store by May 12th to claim your gift:)

  7. Watching the craftsmanship and dedication from the logger to the skilled workers is something to take pride in. Their products are not only functional but beautiful.

  8. Wonderful company making usable American made products in a sustainable way. A model for all and, of course, from Vermont which is always ahead of the curve. Congratulations. Will have to visit Dorset soon.

  9. Great video, enjoyed learning more about this company. Love that they are a virtually zero waste company!

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